version 1 - USE 

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Aweigh is not about removing infrastructure, it’s about self-determination and self-reliance.
— C. , investigative journalist

Aweigh - Version 1 was created for users, like C. , who wish to use a decentralised navigation technology for purely functional reasons. This version of the technology allows one to navigate, independently of network connection, political affiliation, and data surveillance. Aweigh - Version 1 has a small screen on the front connected to a RaspberryPi, attached to a custom PCB and mechanical reading mechanism. Everything is encased in a 3D printed handheld device, which the user can add downloadable accessories to.

List of all the components

Functional navigation device

5V battery or power supply

List of handy equipment



Step 1 - Open up Aweigh packaging.

Step 2 - Read instruction text and check device for faults.

Step 3 - Plug in 5V battery or power bank.

Step 4 - Turn the device on and follow instructions on the interface.

Step 5 - Anchors aweigh!


Aweigh -Version 1

Specifications can be found here.

Contact to order and purchase Aweigh Version 1.